What is MRC?

We believe the world is losing touch with the power and energy that comes from physical expression; MRC (M Running Club) Is an online running club created to provide a platform/group for those looking to enhance their life beyond the norm and encourage the movement that lacks in the world today. The "M' itself stands for many things, movement, miles, mindfulness, mindset, you name it. Whatever appeals to what you need the most, the M is there. 

The goal of the club is to inspire daily action and movement to bring more light, energy, and confidence into your life.

For now, we plan on doing this through various methods, including a STRAVA club, monthly challenges, and merchandise production.


Every month MRC hosts a challenge to gamify your self improvement journey. The challenge will range from team to individual challenges to help you push yourself past where you normally would go. 

Challenges to come include :

- Capture the flag

- Team death-match

- Top 10 challenge

- King of the hill

- 3 on 3. 

More details to come.