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It’s time to stop wasting time. The year is 2024. Your life, just like mine, is flying by.

Are you living how you truly want to? Do you have what you want? Are you headed in the direction of your goals? If the answer is yes, good, you are one of the rare few among us.

If the answer is no. Welcome to the club.

But we can have what we want. WE MUST HAVE WHAT WE WANT.

Sacrifice now creates the reality we are looking for. The future is where your dreams lie. The present is where the work must be done.

Join us on the path toward success. For the first month of 2024, we will be doing activities that will keep us focused and hungry. The activities that build confidence and dreams. The activities that lead you forward through the chaos of uncertainty.

The idea behind AION is living an energized life. As we go into the new year we are taking on a ‘challenge / game” to come together and increase the odds of 2024 being awesome. And we REALLY mean together.

For this years AION NEW YEARS CHALLENGE you and a partner will hold each other to each days tasks. A simple accomplishment of :

  • 1 hour workout a day
  • A book read in the month of January
  • 1 workout per week must be from the workout document.

We made this a partner challenge for many reasons: it’s more fun, you are more likely to succeed, and you and someone you know ( or may not) will get better together.

$33 is the buy, and those who finish will share the winnings.
The winnings will be the sum of a pot filled with $20 from each member that joins. The other $13 will go towards the shirts that the finishers will receive.

Along with your sign-up you will also receive a PDF of 10 AION workouts. Each week, you must complete at least one of the workouts from the PDF. The PDF will also include more detailed rules and a book list to reference for the challenge.

If you finish, this challenge costs you nothing. And you gain everything.

Join us on the road towards a beautiful 2024.

(Both partners must sign up for the challenge. 

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